Costco ESS Login Guide

Costco ESS Login Guide and Employee benefits.

Costco Ess Login. Having a Costco account is very convenient for any people, so it is better if you know how to login into Costco ESS. This article will guide you how to do that. Moreover, we will also show you the way to register a new Costco account, reciver your password and guide you how to make a payment with Costco ESS. Keep reading for more information.

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About Costco

Describe Costco

Costco is a membership-only warehouse club committed to offering its customers the most affordable pricing on high-quality name-brand goods.

With hundreds of locations across the globe, Costco offers a huge assortment of products, as well as the ease of specialist sections and unique member services, all of which are intended to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

The Background of Costco

The first establishment of the business, which went under the name of Price Club, debuted on Morena Boulevard in San Diego in 1976.

The company discovered it could acquire much more purchasing power by additionally targeting a niche audience of non-business people after initially exclusively catering to small enterprises.

With that modification, the warehouse club sector’s expansion took off. The first Costco warehouse was established in Seattle in 1983.

As the business develops today, it continues to uphold the principles that have drawn and kept millions of devoted members worldwide:

dedication to excellence. Compared to the 30,000 SKUs (stock keeping units) present in the majority of supermarkets, Costco warehouses carry roughly 4,000 SKUs. The business may give members the best value by carefully selecting products based on quality, price, brand, and feature considerations.

Employee commitment. Compared to other Fortune 500 firms, Costco is renowned for placing a lot greater emphasis on its employees. The business has developed a working culture that draws in enthusiastic, high-energy, talented workers by providing fair compensation and excellent benefits.

How can I login into Costco ESS?

You can follow these instructions to login Costco ESS in an easy way as long as you have a Costco ESS account and an internet connected device.

Step 1: Access the Costco employee website

Go to the Costco Employee website at:

Step 2: Click the Sign in/ Register button

You can see a Sign in/ Register button on the Menu, click there then you will be redirected to a new page.

Click the Sign in/ Register button
Click the Sign in/ Register button

Step 3: Enter your information

You need to fill your information in all the sections on your screen, including:

  • Email address
  • Password

You can also click the Keep me signed in button so that the next time you go to this website, you do not need to login into your account.

Step 4: Click the Sign in button

Press the Sign in button on the middle of your screen then you can login into Costco ESS.

Click the Sign in button
Click the Sign in button

I only have a smartphone, can I login into Costco ESS?

Now that the Costco mobile app is available on both Google Play and the App Store, you may log into the Costco ESS using your smartphone. For further information, adhere to these guidelines.

Step 1: Download the Costco mobile app

Download the Costco mobile app from Google Play.

Download the Costco mobile app from App Store.

Step 2: Open the Costco mobile app on your smartphone

After installing, the Costco mobile app’s logo will appear on your phone’s screen; click there to launch the app.

Step 3: Follow the app’s guide

The Costco mobile app will show you some guideline, keep following these guideline to complete some more simple steps then you can login into Costco ESS through the mobile app on your smartphone.

What should I do if I forgot my Costco ESS password?

If you forgot your Costco password, you could follow these steps to recover it.

Step 1: Visit the Costco Employee website

Go to the Costco Employee website at:

Step 2: Click the Sign in button

Press the Sign in button on your screen.

Step 3: Click the Forgot password button

Press the Forgot password button on the left side of your screen then you will be redirected to a new page.

Step 4: Enter your account email address

You need to fill your account email address into the section on your screen.

Step 5: Click the Send verification code button

Press the Send verification code buttono n the middle of your screen.

Click the Send verification code button
Click the Send verification code button

Step 6: Follow the page’s instructions

There will be instructions for you to do some more basic steps, keep following then you can recover your password.

Why should you become a Costco member?

When joining Costco, you will have a lot of benefits, moreover you can also save your money.

Members Have More Opportunities to Save

You receive so much more with your membership, including unique services and enhanced benefits.


Deliveries of necessities and household goods to your door.


Get low-cost, high-quality petrol to fill up your tank.


Refill existing prescriptions or fill new ones; have them delivered to you.


Make a list and use Instacart’s same-day delivery service to acquire fresh supplies.

Terms and Conditions for Costco’s New Member Promotion

You must set up auto renewal of your Costco membership on a Visa® card at the time of sign-up in order to acquire a Digital Costco Shop Card. A Digital Costco Shop Card won’t be sent to you if you choose to sign up for auto renewal without providing a working email address.

Valid only during the first year of membership and solely for non-members.

Only one allowed per household. No transfers are allowed, and no other promotions may be coupled with this one. Within two weeks of signing up, new members will get their Digital Costco Shop Card by email. Except as required by law, Costco Shop Cards cannot be redeemed for cash.

How to pay your Costco bill?

If you do not know anything about making a payment with Costco, you should read this passage, we will show you the information about Costco Payment methods.

  • Visa cards, debit/ATM cards, cash, checks, EBT, and Costco Shop Cards are all accepted in Costco warehouses. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, debit/ATM cards, and Costco Shop Cards are all accepted on Visa, debit/ATM, and Costco Shop Cards are accepted at Costco gas stations and car washes.
  • A supervisor or manager’s approval and photo identification can be needed. Before paying by check, members must have a current driver’s license, state ID, military ID, or valid passport on file with Costco, issued by the government of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, a state, or a province. Any deviations require management approval.
  • Manufacturer discounts (other than those given out by Costco) and other retailer discounts are not accepted by Costco.
    Any new card holder purchases must be approved by the Primary Member.
  • The Primary Member will pay the face amount of the check, plus a reasonable service fee and any other charges incurred, immediately upon demand in the event that either the Primary Member or an additional card holder has a check returned by the bank. The member is responsible for paying reasonable fees and costs of collection if Costco takes any legal action to recover payment on a check.

How can I contact Costco?

 Information for Costco Customer Services
Information for Costco Customer Services

There are some methods you may try when you want to contact Costco:

Accessing the Costco customer service home page

Go to the Costco customer services home page at:

By phone

You can dial 1-800-955-2292 for Costco online order.

Phone hours:

Mon – Fri: 5am – 8pm PT
Sat – Sun: 5am – 7pm PT

Or dial 1-800-774-2678 for Membership and Warehouse.

FAQs about Costco

The Costco Member Prescription Program is what it sounds like?

Insurance IS NOT provided by the Costco Member Prescription Program. It is a program that offers qualified Costco members and their eligible dependents the chance to get prescription medicine discounts at participating pharmacies.

Will I save money on my meds with the discount card?

Yes, there is a discount on all prescription prescriptions. Depending on the medicine, savings can be as high as 40%.

You can find out the particular savings on your medications from participating pharmacies. In addition, they can suggest a drug that is comparable to the one you were prescribed and can come with a bigger discount.

Can I fill medications at pharmacies other than Costco?

Yes, medicines filled at a Costco network pharmacy qualify for the reduced pricing offered by the discount card. That currently includes every Costco pharmacy in the United States as well as an increasing number of neighborhood pharmacies. To find out if your pharmacy is a participant, click the link.

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