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DonorPerfect Login Guides. This article is for you if you currently know little to nothing about DonorPerfect, or if you are experiencing problems logging into your online account. In this article, we’ll go over a few details of DonorPerfect, including what it is exactly, how to access your account, what advantages it offers, and how to get in touch with customer care.

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About DonorPerfect

All NGOs can benefit from using DonorPerfect as their fundraising option. It enables users to control contacts, fundraising initiatives, receipting, reporting, and donations from a single system.

ABOUT DonorPerfect
ABOUT DonorPerfect

Organizations can send contributors and supporters tailored emails with Constant Contact, and dashboard statistics and reporting offer insight into what motivates donations. Online forms that are integrated can process recurring gifts and automatically add gift information to the donor database.

Event administrators can utilize auction management software to manage silent, live, mobile, and online charity auctions, while developers can use DonorPerfect to collect data about funders, prospects, volunteers, staff, and other stakeholders.

What Benefits and Features does DonorPerfect Offer?

Benefits and Features

  • Centralized database of constituents: You can accomplish the kinds of administration objectives that seem unachievable to handle by keeping a single unified donor database.
  • CRM customization and adaptability for fundraising: The adaptability of DonorPerfect enables you to quickly alter your setup and record screens for data collection and display that best suits your employees.
  • Comprehensive handling of constituent relationships: You may cross-reference all of your records for relationships with your family, your employer, and other people thanks to features like relational “household” records. For improved targeting, dialogues, and acknowledgements, soft credits link records together.
  • Sophisticated data import tool: Names, addresses and phone numbers, email addresses, telephone number, presents, codes, and pledges can all be imported and updated. Even for specific fields, sophisticated logic automatically compares data in your import file with DonorPerfect.
  • Superior batch entry: To accelerate up data entry and minimize errors, enter donations and pledges in batches. Utilize templates to efficiently customize your data entry screens. Split gifts, tributes, notices, matching gifts, applications for pledges, and soft credits are just a few of the line items.
  • Security depending on users: Manage who has access to, can read, or can edit data throughout your whole system, including board members and volunteers. Different access levels help to streamline operations based on employee roles and maintain the security of donor data.

How to Log into your DonorPerfect Account on the Web?

Step 1: Access the DonorPerfect Main Homepage and Click Login

To begin, navigate the DonorPerfect official webpage by clicking the following link:

After that, locate the blue “Login” button on the top-left corner of your computer screen and click it.

Access Official Homepage
Access Official Homepage

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password

What you need to do in this step is to enter your username as well as password to your account. Be sure to re-check you input before clicking “Log in” button.

Account Login
Account Login

Introduction to the DonorPerfect Mobile App

Through DPMobile, DonorPerfect users in the nonprofit sector can access their DonorPerfect Online account from any location and on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

DonorPerfect Mobile App
DonorPerfect Mobile App

Benefits and Features

  • Process both one-time and ongoing donations.
  • Manually enter payment information or use camera capture
  • Use our card reader to swiftly accept payments.
  • Receive instant feedback on the progress of credit card payments Send automated receipts right away
  • Add your logo to the receipts you issue.

Step 1: Install the DonorPerfect app

What you need to first is to download the app from either Google Play or App Store, depending on what type of device you are using. Luckily, the app is available on both iOS and Android, and you can find the links to download it below.

App Store Download Link

Google Play Download Link

Step 2: Open the app and Log into your account

Locate the app on your mobile device and click it to open the app. The first thing that you will see is an online login form, which is quite similar to the login form on the web.

You just need to enter your user ID and password to login and you will be taken straight to your account’s dashboard.

How to Register a DonorPerfect Online Account?

Step 1: Access the DonorPerfect online login Page and Locate the Registration Form

What you need to do first is accessing the DonorPerfect login page. Click the following link to go there:

Account Registration
Account Registration

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should find the registration form.

Step 2: Enter your Personal Information

Next, type in the required information like “First name”, “Last name”, “Email”,…

Then click “Get started” and follow the next instructions. The DonorPerfect staff should contact you after a couple of days to provide you with your account’s information.

How to Retrieve your DonorPerfect User ID?

Step 1: Go to DonorPerfect Login Page and Click Forgot User ID

In the first step, go to the DonorPerfect login site by clicking this following link:

Look for the link that says “Forgot User ID”. Click it to continue to the second step.

Retrieve User ID
Retrieve User ID

Step 2: Enter your Email Address

In the next step, you are required to enter your email address associated with your DonorPerfect User ID. The site will send a link to your inbox to retrieve your forgotten user ID.

Enter Your Email
Enter Your Email

How to Reset your DonorPerfect Password?

Step 1: Go to DonorPerfect Login Page and Click Forgot User ID

What you will need to do is to go to the DonorPerfect login site by clicking this following link:

Look for the link that says “Forgot Password”. Click it to continue to the second step.

Reset Password
Reset Password

Step 2: Enter your User ID and Create a new Password

After that, you are requested to enter your registered User ID. Providing that the user ID is correct, you will be taken to a different site where you will have to create a new password for your account.

Enter User ID
Enter User ID

How to Contact DonorPerfect Customer Service?

DonorPerfect Client Relations Specialist

The Client Relations Specialist’s major goal is to make sure that your demands are met promptly and satisfactorily. When addressing any outstanding issues, we serve as your voice.

Phone: 800-220-3537

Fax: 215-542-4361



Phone: 800-220-8111

Fax: 215-628-0585


Phone: 215-628-4343

Fax: 215-542-4370

Mailing Address

601 Office Center Dr, Suite 200
Fort Washington, PA 19034

Phone: 215-628-0400

CA: PC 50006 BP Jarry
Montreal QC H2P 0A1

At your own risk, provide important information such as passwords, DonorPerfect account numbers, or Social Security numbers. DonorPerfect kindly asks that you use the encrypted chat option if you must email sensitive information. They’re all going to react similarly.

FAQs about DonorPerfect

1. Does DonorPerfect integrate with Salesforce?

The majority of DonorPerfect subscriptions include this feature. With an extra subscription, you can integrate a community fundraising tool into your Salesforce platform. As part of your free onboarding with DonorPerfect, get initial training and help setting up your database.

2. What does donating online offer me?

It lowers our fundraising expenses and offers a simple, convenient option for people to support our goal. Additionally, by using your credit card to make a donation, you can earn rewards points, save time, and pay less for postage. You can also utilize your credit card statement for taxes and receipts.

3. How does online donation work?

Our secured donation form requires complete completion before clicking “Submit,” after which your donation will be handled right away. You can print out a description of the donation, and you’ll also receive an email acknowledging it.


If you are having trouble entering into your online DonorPerfect account, this article is for you. We have gone over a few specifics about DonorPerfect in this post, such as what it is precisely, how to login to your account, what benefits it provides, and how to contact customer service.

We appreciate you reading this essay very much. Should you have any queries about HDBank Career, feel free leave a comment below. We hope the information provided in this page has proven to be helpful to you.

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