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Fuse Patterson login to maintain and expand your practice with the aid of your Fuse Patterson online account. When you sign up for Fuse Patterson Dental, Patterson’s advice will be sent to you.

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Overview Fuse Patterson: 

Overview Fuse Patterson
Overview Fuse Patterson

Fuse Patterson is cloud-based practice management software intended to help dental offices adapt to changing needs, expand to accommodate growth, and streamline operations. Streamlining communication across offices allows for better patient care, a more streamlined workflow, and the ability to swiftly analyze and act on data for more informed business decisions. 

Like Elation Passport, both are more comprehensive practice management and EHR systems.

Fuse is the simple solution, backed by the unsurpassed support of Patterson Dental, that dental offices pick to enhance multi-location administration and performance, from front office administration through clinical procedures and business operations. 

ATTENTION: Currently only the United States.

Fuse Patterson—Why Use It?

To a certain extent, the Fuse Patterson platform has its advantages:

  • Allow your dental office to simply construct smooth operational processes, drive performance based on critical practice insights, and develop real-time links between your practice, patients, and staff data across locations.
  • With a cloud-based platform that keeps all your data, including patient health records and real-time practice analytics, Fuse lets you remain connected from anywhere.
  • Your staff can simply monitor your practice’s performance, prioritize tasks, and access all of a patient’s information in one record with a simple interface, smart displays, and dashboards.
  • Their local and remote professionals will guide you through onboarding and usage.

This video explains more:

Fuse Patterson Login Step-by-step:

Your Fuse Patterson online account may help you update, develop, and administer your practice. Their experienced professionals will advise and assist you whether you require daily dentistry supplies, time-saving software, the newest equipment, practice-changing technology, or a renovation plan.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and access your Fuse Patterson account by following the directions outlined below:

Step 1: Open the Fuse Patterson page

Start by using a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to go to the Patterson Fuse sign-in page.

In addition, you may use this direct link to get instant access. https://pcsts.pattersoncompanies.com/adfs/ls/.

Step 2: Fuse Patterson login

After completing step 1, the Fuse Patterson login box will be visible in the middle of the website.

Then, to access Fuse Patterson online account, you must now have both a “Password” and an “Email Address.”

Finally, Click the blue Patterson Fuse “Sign In” to continue.

Fuse Patterson Login
Fuse Patterson Login

Reset Your Fuse Patterson Online Password:

Problems logging in to your Fuse dentist office’s online system? Don’t panic following actions will help you retrieve your account:

Step 1: Go to the Fuse Patterson site

Start by using your favorite web browser and navigating to the pattersonb2c.b2clogin.com sign-in page.

Step 2: Click reset password

With that out of the way, Step 2 should provide you with a Patterson login window through the hub.

Click the blue “Forgot password?” icon above the login button if you can’t remember your password.

Reset Your Fuse Patterson Online Password
Reset Your Fuse Patterson Online Password

Step 3: Enter your email

After completing Step 2, you will be sent to the page where you may modify the password for your practice’s owner system.

After that, return to the Fuse Patterson system by entering your “Email Address.”

Finish up by selecting the blue “Send verification code” button.

Reset Your Fuse Patterson Online Password
Reset Your Fuse Patterson Online Password

Step 4: Get the code

At the end of Step 3, Patterson’s guidance will be sent to your inbox via email.

Next, please answer your Fuse Patterson online account’s security question.

Please remember to change your Fuse Patterson password as soon as can, since this one is just temporary.

Register for Fuse Patterson Online Account:

Just read on for directions on how to activate your existing Fuse Patterson Dental account in its online iteration:

Step 1: Access the homepage

Start by searching for “Fuse Patterson” on Google or Safari, and then choose the top result.

There’s also this link you may use: https://www.pattersondental.com/cp/software/dental-practice-management-software/fuse#.

Step 2: Click the register button

After step 1, click “Register now” on the top right side of the Fuse Patterson Dental site.

Register for Fuse Patterson Online Account
Register for Fuse Patterson Online Account

Step 3: Give your info

If you have a Patterson Dental account and require online registration, choose “Yes, I’d like to register for online access.”

Then, you must complete Patterson’s registration form below.

To apply for a Patterson Dental account online, click “Submit.”

Register for Fuse Patterson Online Account
Register for Fuse Patterson Online Account

Open The New Fuse Patterson Account:

Are you just getting started with a Fuse Patterson account now? Don’t worry; the Patterson Detanl dashboard makes it easy to sign up for services and establish an account simultaneously. Convenient, right? Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the register page

As the same steps 1 and 2 above. Please scroll up to know more.

Step 2: Send your form

Select “No, I’d want to form a Patterson Dental account and register online” if you’d rather do so.

When you’re ready, fill out Patterson’s registration form below, making sure to fill out the “Personal Information,” “Billing Information,” and “Shipping Information” sections in full.

Next, click “Submit” to sign up for a Patterson Dental account.

Open The New Fuse Patterson Account
Open The New Fuse Patterson Account

Step 3: Follow their guide

After completing Step 2, continue with the account creation process as directed by Fuse Patterson Company.

Contact Fuse Patterson Customer Service:

Contact Fuse Patterson Customer Service
Contact Fuse Patterson Customer Service

Does pattersondental.com seem to be down? Need Some Assistance With Login? Fuse Patterson help is available at:

Chat support hours:

Monday–Friday: 7:00 AM–7:00 PM CST.

Closed on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

Fuse Patterson has professionals available for all phases of deployment, from data conversion and training to problem-solving. Eaglesoft, CAESY, Patterson Hardware, CEREC, Dentsply, Sirona, Schick, RevenueWell, and many more are all supported. Please contact the information below:

  • Call 1-866-449-7282 to contact Patterson Technology Center.
  • Call 800-294-8504 to chat with Patterson Technology Center Live Support Team now.
  • Need Fuse Patterson account changes and payment help? Need to change the account information? Please dial 1-866-784-6622.
  • When you need it repaired, trust Fuse Patterson National Repair Center. For further information, call 1-800-328-7839.

NOTE: Keep your Patterson password, SSN, and bank account credentials secure. Encrypted texting is recommended by Fuse Patterson’s support desk for confidential conversations. Fuse Patterson will all respond the same.

FAQs about Fuse Patterson:

FAQs about Fuse Patterson
FAQs about Fuse Patterson

1. What is Fuse Patterson Dental?

Fuse Patterson Dental, one of the major suppliers of dental goods and solutions in North America, provides more than 130,000 items and a variety of cutting-edge hardware, software, and technological services and solutions.

2. Is Fuse Patterson able to customize it?

It’s possible. Different practices need different things. Patterson Dental can meet your requirements with on-site or cloud practice management software! Visit www.pattersondental.com/fuse to learn about their cloud-based software.

3. How to maximize Fuse Patterson data?

Multi-location practices still use various practice management software. This limits their practice by placing their sites in software silos that prohibit apples-to-apples data comparison and restrict personnel mobility.

Cloud practice management goes beyond data standardization. Cloud software updates automatically and continuously. This ensures that all users are always utilizing the newest, most up-to-date, and fully featured version. This simplifies training and improves consistency between sites.

After integrating and arranging your data, utilize it strategically. In today’s fast-paced corporate world, an information dump that needs more analysis won’t work. Meaningful data is expected.


Cloud-based Fuse Patterson practice management software helps dental offices adapt to changing demands, grow, and simplify operations. If you have a Fuse Patterson account, you can use it to manage your practice and stay on top of any changes. Follow the steps outlined in this article to set up your free online account with Fuse Patterson.

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