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HomePoint Financial Login is an all-50-state multichannel mortgage loan originator and servicer, offers a variety of home loan packages to suit the needs and income levels of different consumers. In this article, we will provide information about how to login in successfully as well as customer service of HomePoint Financial Login.

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About HomePoint Financial Login

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and established in 2015, HomePoint is a large national mortgage provider. HomePoint is the seventh-largest non-bank mortgage lender in the nation because to its more than 6,500 brokers and correspondent lending partners. The District of Columbia and all 50 states have granted HomePoint lending licenses.

About HomePoint Financial Login
About HomePoint Financial Login

All 50 states can use Home Point Financial, a multichannel mortgage loan originator and servicer. For borrowers with varying income levels and financial circumstances, it offers a wide variety of home loan packages. However, compared to other lenders, its loan application process is less streamlined, and conflicting customer feedback reveals that the level of service you get varies on who you deal with.

Your experience with the procedure will depend on the loan officer assigned to your case because every borrower works with a different loan officer.

Advantage and disadvantage of HomePoint Financial Login


  • Program helping low-income borrowers to refinance. In the Fannie Mae RefiNowTM program, which gives low-income borrowers a lower interest rate, smaller monthly payment, and an appraisal credit during a refinance, HomePoint takes part.
  • Available lines of credit for home equity. If you’re looking to use the equity in your home, HomePoint also offers HELOCs.
  • Managing a mortgage is simple with a mobile app. After obtaining a mortgage from HomePoint, you may use the lender’s mobile app to manage your payments and learn about any programs that could lower your monthly rate.


  • No rates are available online. On the HomePoint website, you won’t discover the most recent mortgage rates, so you’ll need to submit an application or speak with a loan officer to learn what you might be eligible for.
  • Not a branch. Due to HomePoint’s departure from retail locations, getting in-person assistance is now more challenging. Additionally, there is no method to find a loan officer on the internet.
  • Certain lending products are only offered in a few states. Only in a few states does HomePoint offer loan products that are not part of its usual offerings.

How to Login HomePoint Financial on the website?

Step 1: Go to HomePoint Financial

Go to the official website of HomePoint Financial Login by this link

Step 2: Go to Login page

Click login to old portal button on the homepage to sign in your account

Step 3: Enter your information account

Enter your email address and password to login page

Enter your information account to login page
Enter your information account to login page

Step 4: Finished Login

Click Sign in button to complete login page. Make sure that your information is correct.

Click sign in button to complete
Click sign in button to complete

Forgot password HomePoint Financial

Step 1: Go to reset page

Click reset password button on the login page to recover your password

Step 2: Enter the required information

Enter your email address to recover password

Enter your email address to recover password
Enter your email address to recover password

Step 3: Completed Recover

Click next button to recover your password. New password will be sent to your email address

How to create account for HomePoint Financials’ customer?

Step 1: Go to register page

Click create account button on the login page to sign up for new account

Step 2: Enter your information account

On the register page, you enter Full name, Email address, Password to create account

Requirement for Your password:

  • at least 8 characters
  • 1 number
  • 1 symbol
  • 1 uppercase
  • 1 lowercase

Step 3: Finished register

Click continue button to complete. Make sure that your information is correct.

How to Sign in HomePoint Financial online account on Mobile App?

Sign in HomePoint Financial on mobile app
Sign in HomePoint Financial on mobile app

Step 1: Download the HomePoint Financial Mobile App

Click the link below to install the HomePoint Financial mobile app for your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Launch the HomePoint Financial Mobile App

You open the program you installed. The screen for logging in will display. You need to enter your username and password. Then, click on “Log In” to access your HomePoint financial online account.

Why am I unable to get access to the HomePoint Financial Mobile App?

A number of issues may prohibit you from accessing your account through the app. Incorrect login credentials and account information are the most prevalent causes. You can avoid this by double-checking your information before submitting it.

You will be unable to log in during these hours, despite our earlier notification. The application will be regularly updated.

Check to determine if your browser’s login account type is appropriately set before attempting another IP address.

What are HomePoint Financial products?


  • Traditional loans with as little as 3% down, adjustable-rate and fixed-rate loans are both available.
    an FHA loan. Loans with fixed or adjustable rates are available with as little as 3.5% down.
  • VA financing There are both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages with 0% down payments. From 15 to 30 years are available for fixed-rate loans.
  • USDA financing Only 30-year fixed-rate loan terms are offered.
  • Large loans. only available in a few states.


  • Traditional refinancing. Financing lengths of 10 to 30 years are offered.
  • FHA refinances are simplified. reduced underwriting and documentation requirements. The necessary credit score is 580 at the very least.
  • VA loan refinancing at a lower interest rate (IRRRL). Available without a required minimum credit score, income verification, or house appraisal.


  • FHA.
  • VA.
  • USDA.
  • Jumbo.

This business accepts applications for refinancing mortgages.
Additional mortgage options provided by Home Point Financial
These customized mortgage loan kinds are also provided by Home Point Financial.

  • Credit line for home equity (HELOC). You can use the equity in your house to borrow money with a Home Point Financial HELOC to pay off debt or for other purposes.
  • Remortgaging a mortgage can be used to combine other debts, shorten the period of your loan, cut your interest rate, or pay off bills.

Contact with HomePoint Financial

Contact with HomePoint Financial login
Contact with HomePoint Financial login

By phone

Call: 800- 686-2404.

(Monday through Friday, 9:00AM ET to 6:00PM ET)

By Email

Home Point Financial Corporation
Attn: Correspondence Dept

11511 Luna Road
Suite 200
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

FAQs about Home Point Financial

Will I continue to get my statements online?

You will continue to get these statements electronically if you are currently signed up for paperless statements (also known as electronic statements). To make sure your information is up to date, accurate, and set up to get paperless statements, you should sign into the new web portal.

What alters throughout this transition?

Your loan number, payment address, web portal, and our phone number will all change as a result of this shift. Nothing else regarding the conditions of your mortgage loan will change. There is no need to call us right now because we want to take care of this for you flawlessly; nonetheless, you can check the status of your loan soon online.

Call us at (855) 998-3056 or send an email to support@myhomepointservicing.com to get in touch with us.

My loan number has changed.

Yes, in a later correspondence you will receive a new loan number. Your loan number and any other pertinent details concerning the transition will be provided to you via email and postal mail, respectively.

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