How To Cancel DashPass? 4 Easy Methods For 2022

How To Cancel DashPass? A membership programme called DashPass for DoorDash waives the delivery price on qualifying orders worth more than $12. Although it is highly popular, not everyone enjoys it, thus many people have opted to cancel. if you wish to cancel DashPass, HDBank Career will assist you.

DashPass: What is it?

With DashPass, a membership service, you can get unlimited orders from thousands of participating restaurants for nothing more than $12.

There are Steps to cancel DashPass

1. Using mobile apps

2. Using a desktop

  • Visit the DoorDash website and sign into your account.
  • Only at top left of the screen, click the account symbol.
  • Then select “Manage DashPass.”
  • Simply click “End Subscription.”
  • Here on following screen, select “End Subscription” to confirm.

3. Using a Phone Call

You don’t like the desktop and app solutions?

In that scenario, calling to cancel your subscription can be your favourite option.

There are many reasons why this time-tested solution works perfectly.

For instance, calling (855) 973-1040 will suffice.

When the phone rings, request to speak with a corporate representative.

Don’t be afraid to express your request when the agent answers the phone.

The company has given the representative authorization to immediately cancel your subscription.

4. Emailing Customer Support

If none of the aforementioned choices appeal to you, email is a strong alternative. We also advise it.

You would need to send the email by using official DoorDash e – mail address to the customer care team for this to function.

The following are just a few things to think about before sending an email.

Please send emails to

To prove your identification, include all of your account’s information in the email body.

Why are many people choose to cancel DashPass?

DashPass from DoorDash is a fantastic service. The subscription is popular among people who don’t want to pay expensive delivery costs when they purchase food. They can save money by taking advantage of the $0 delivery fees if their purchase is over $12. But why would someone cancel?

The fact that not all establishments would be qualified for the services or membership could be one of the causes. If your favourite restaurant is not included, this is not fantastic. Because of this, you may choose not to invest money on a solution that has no benefits for you.

If you are relocating, it is another reason to cancel. If there are no qualified restaurants in the area where you are moving, this could make even more sense. Paying for a service you can’t utilise is something you wouldn’t want to do.

If you’re not buying a large amount of food and would rather prepare meals at home, you might decide to cancel. Why should you continue to pay for a membership that is intended for that use if you no longer require food delivery?

It makes perfect sense to delete DashPass if you can’t even get the free delivery because keeping the subscription is no longer handy.

You have the right to cancel the membership if any of these apply and it does not serve your interests in any manner. Fortunately, you can choose from a variety of cancelling procedures.

What occurs if you refuse?

You will be notified in the app and by email that your subscription to DoorDash’s DashPass has been terminated after you close your subscription.

Foods on DoorDash
Foods on DoorDash


What occurs if I decide to cancel and have already purchased for the following month?

Even if you’ve paid for the monthly, it’s simple to end your DoorDash subscription at any moment. After the cancellation, the service will be provided to you until the following renewal date.

What is the expected turnaround time for the cancellation?

You must be on time, however the cancelation will be handled immediately. You will be billed for another month if you don’t arrive before the renewal date. At the very least one day ahead of the renewal date, the subscription must be cancelled. If you terminate the service before the following billing cycle, you will still receive it until then.

Will my credit card information be deleted if I cancel DashPass?

Normally, if you cancel, the system should immediately delete your credit card information. However, you may verify this by logging into your DoorDash account. You can delete a payment option by logging into your account, clicking the three black lines in the top right corner of the page, selecting Payment, and then selecting the 3 dots next to the desired payment option. The decision can then be simply confirmed by clicking “Delete.”


Although DashPass having a large number of paying clients, some people are dissatisfied with the service they receive. If that describes you, perhaps the methods above have made it easy for you to quickly cancel your DashPass subscription.

You may get in touch with a customer service agent here if you continue to have any questions. 

Thank you for your time, HDBanks career hopes that this article will help you.

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