How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments?

How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments on this month?

How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments? You can obtain your R350 award installments in a variety of ways after your SRD grant application has been filed and accepted. HDBank Career‘s recently received a slew of inquiries concerning selecting a payment option. So this post will answer these questions.

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How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments?

How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments?

Payments Bank Account

You can have your SRD R350 award instantly transferred into your personal bank account if you have one.

SASSA prefers this payment method since it appears to be the most convenient.

You must submit your banking information as part of the application process whenever you make your selection and select this as your mode of payment, according to SASSA. This would simplify and expedite the payment of your R350 grant. You can then withdraw your R350 from any ATM.

If you want to switch to this payment option, you must go to the nearest Sassa branch and bring all of your bank and account information with you.

CashSend Checkers

In the event that you do not have a bank account, you may still get your R350 grant using CashSend.

Beneficiaries access their grant money in this way by using their ID numbers and phone numbers. You must have identity that can be verified, along with a telephone with a registered number.

PicknPay, and Boxer Stores

PicknPay, Boxer Stores

Beneficiaries can now obtain their award by going to a Checkers, Boxer, or PicknPay store, according to a SASSA announcement made in an effort to increase the number of ways beneficiaries can receive their money and simplify SASSA grant payments. The BP Pick n Pay Express, Pick n Pay Clothing and Pick n Pay Liquor stores will not be where you may pick up your grants.

Before visiting the store, recipients must wait for an SMS letting them know their grant is ready for pickup.

Shoprite Corporation

The Shoprite Group has now made it easy for R350 grant holders to collect their SRD grant payments in any of its 1 286 supermarkets around South Africa, including Checkers, USave, OK, and Shoprite outlets.

You must submit your ID as well as your cellphone number. In order to prevent fraud, beneficiaries must make sure that this is the same cellphone number that they used to sign up on the Sassa database.

The Post Office

The Post Office

One of the primary distributors of the R350 SRD award is the South African Post Office (SAPO). It can be used as a collection site for recipients of social awards such as the child support grant, the older person grant, the disability grant, and the child support grant.

Wait for an SMS verifying your funds are available before picking up your R350 grant at the post office, it is advised. This will prevent you from standing in line at the post office only to have your application denied.

It is also worth noting that the R350 SRD grant has no set payment date. There are specific days when you can pick up your R350 award from the post office. These days are decided by the final three digits of your ID number.

Postal pay points for collection

This is the quickest way to get your SRD R350 award payments. To pick it up at the Post Office pay station closest to you. You must wait till you receive the SMS with a date for receiving your reward. You must present your ID smartcard as well as your Sassa card to receive your payment.
However, there are a few issues with this strategy.

  • There are long lines to receive the grant. Making social isolation during the pandemic more difficult.
  • Many grants are being taken from the pay points. Other individuals collect the money, but the receiver does not receive it.
  • People are too hesitant to accept grants from the pay point directly.

Postal Service Virtual Cards

Postal Service Virtual Cards

A brand-new alternative for paying for the SRD R350 award is the Post Office virtual cards. You can also use this payment option only for the R350 award and not for any other Sassa grant payments.
The virtual card is not a physical ATM card, but rather a virtual one.

  • It has all of the same information as a real debit card and may be used in the same way.
  • The only distinction is that this card is completely free to use.
  • There are some ATMs and Post Banks where you can use the card without being charged a service or withdrawal fee.

You will receive a card number and a pin for the virtual card, just like you would for a typical bank account, and you must use them. The virtual card will receive the SRD R350 award payments directly.

What you’ll need to change your payment method for the Sassa SRD R350 grant?

If you did not select a payment method and wish to switch to a more preferred option, you can do so. There are only a few items you must bring with you.

  • Visit or call Sassa customer support. You can also visit their official website.
  • You must bring your Sassa card, ID smart card, and proof of residence.
  • Additionally, you’ll need to have access to your phone number and bank account information. Both of them ought to be registered under your own name.

To know more in detail, read on:  How do I change my banking details for the Sassa Grant?

When will this month’s additional social grants be paid?

According to Sassa, payments for social grants for July will begin on Monday for seniors, followed by payments for disability awards on Tuesday, and payments for all other grants will begin on Wednesday.

“Clients who do not have PIN codes or who have forgotten their PINs are recommended to reset their PIN codes at their local post office.” Those who have PIN numbers and remember them do not need to renew them.

This will provide our customers the freedom to use all channels to get their grants and the ability for using their Sassa cards at all sites of collection, including ATMs and merchant outlets like Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, and U-Save, according to the agency.

How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments on this month?

Over the weekend, the SA Social Security Agency –  Sassa issued a reminder, requesting beneficiaries to amend their personal information that was initially wrongly submitted on the SRD website and/or change their replies to the screening questions requested in their applications.

Can I get my award before the specified dates?

To minimize disappointment, Sassa advised recipients to visit mobile pay stations only on particular days.

Beneficiaries who get their social grants through Sassa mobile pay points are informed that they can obtain their grants through the aforementioned payment infrastructures on the days designated for the particular awards, or at any time thereafter, and are not need to wait for the dates for cash payments.

“Beneficiaries are reminded to be careful and cautious at all times when using their pins, and not to divulge this with anybody, including close family members.”

FAQs: How To Get Your SASSA SRD Grant Payments?

How do I collect my Sassa R350 grant?

Beneficiaries must now go to retail outlets or USave to collect their money. Beneficiaries of the R350 Social Relief of Distress award, who used to be able to collect their money at the Post Office, will now be able to do so only at Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, or USave retailers, according to the Post Office.

Can I get my SRD Grant on my Sassa card?

Instead of going to the Post Office, Sassa is requesting that all Gold Card Carrying clients access their 350 SRD award payouts in the following manner. Customers whose SASSA gold cards are used to access their special COVID-19 SRD grants have been urged to use the partner retailers or bank ATMs to get their grants.

What is Postbank virtual card SASSA?

The SASSA Account is connected to a Debit Card, allowing beneficiaries to conduct transactions online anywhere that displays the VISA or MasterCard logo. The payment of Social Security benefits and any other Social Security-related benefits shall only be permitted through the SASSA account under SASSA’s direction.

How do I change my Sassa R350 payment to Pick n Pay?

You can read more in detail in Srd Sassa gov za banking details.

Can I collect my R350 grant at Pick n Pay?

If your Social Security of SA Agency (SASSA) R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award has been granted, you can now receive your benefit from Pick & Pay and Boxer outlets across the country.

To know more how to get your R350 at Pick n Pay, watch this.

Thank you for taking the time to read the article. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will provide regular updates on SASSA SRD Grant payments as soon as possible.

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