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KanTime Login. Having a KanTime account is very convenient. This article will show you the way to login into KanTime. Plus, we will guide you how to register a new account for you, and the way to recover your KanTime password and make a payment. Keep reading for more information.

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About KanTime

KanTime’s history

Early in the new millennium, CEO Sundar Kannan identified a significant hole in the home health sector. He found it difficult to watch as his business partner’s mother’s complaints about unreliable caregivers who lacked the necessary abilities to meet her demands continued after frequent visits with her. He considered how he could use his already-developed technology, now referred to as KanTime Telephony, to facilitate scheduling and streamline the agency procedure. By 2010, KanTime had developed into a complete home care package. Agencies no longer had to choose between efficiency and high-quality treatment thanks to KanTime. Today, agencies may streamline their operations by supporting compliance and growth while retaining patient care as their top priority thanks to KanTime’s user-friendly, web-based technology.

Trusted by Professionals and Patients Nationwide

KanTime is the market’s most complete agency management system, including the whole spectrum of care. As your business expands, benefit from end-to-end support for billing, payroll, scheduling, authorizations, and more.

Do It Right the First Time+

The dynamic features of KanTime’s technology guarantee that quality and compliance begin on day one. The right patient information is always captured thanks to user-friendly features that enable field workers to document their services at the patient’s home, ensuring that records are always accurate and up to date.

Manage by Exception+

The intelligence of KanTime intervenes when data becomes segregated or human error occurs. Staff members are notified in real-time of their activities, messages, and more by the dashboards’ customizable, role-based dashboards. Your staff are given the tools they need to make responsible decisions and complete the task at hand thanks to the system’s actionable notifications.

There is a team of innovators behind every industry-leading platform

The KanTime team’s goal is to restore care to the medical industry. Their team, which has a wealth of experience in the business across all care kinds, is committed to pushing the limits of what is practical for the post-acute healthcare sector. Without compromising on quality or your bottom line, let KanTime assist you in realizing the full potential of your agency.

Quality Care Starts Here +

What do you envision for your organization? Connect with KanTime to learn how its scalable, practical, and flexible agency management system may transform your company.

KanTime’s products

Home care

Since 2007, KanTime private home care software has been a pioneering system supplier. KanTime delivers powerful capabilities that are intended to enhance patient care and is used by several of the leading national home care organizations.

Home health

As more patients look for treatments outside of the clinic, your organization requires a home health software system that can swiftly adapt to meet demand. With KanTime, you can provide great care from the convenience of your patient’s home while increasing productivity and improving communication.


Create the conditions for a protracted and rewarding healthcare experience. KanTime enables medical professionals to concentrate more on patient care and practice than on the pediatric EHR software that powers it.


The KanTime hospice management suite enables hospice and palliative care organizations to streamline operations while still adhering to all laws and regulations, helping them to retain total compliance.


KanTime enables you to meet the particular needs of patients while providing palliative care at home. Our technology enables organizations to refocus attention away from never-ending paperwork piles and toward comfort and quality of life.


Simplify and streamline the intricate procedures that keep your business running. Your needs are taken care of by their self-directed home health care system, which covers everything from budgets to timekeeping, payroll to billing.

How to login into KanTime?

As long as you have a KanTime account, and an internet connected device you can follow these instructions to login into KanTime

Step 1: Go to the KanTime login home page

Access KanTime login home page at: https://kantime.com/features/kantime-healthcare-business-intelligence/

Step 2: Enter you information

Fill in your information, including:

  • Username
  • Password

Step 3: Click the login button

Click the login button on the right side of your screen

Or you can login with:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Okta
Click the Login button
Click the Login button

Now you can login into KanTime.

How to login into KanTime with a mobile phone?

Step 1: Download the KanTime mobile app

Link download the KanTime mobile app from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kanrad.kantimemobile&hl=en&gl=US

Link download the KanTime mobile app from Appstore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kantime-mobile/id1081766710

Step 2: Enter your information

Enter your username and password

Step 3: Hit the login button

Hit the login button on your mobile’s screen.

Now you can login into KanTime with a mobile phone.

How do I login into KanTime if I do not have a KanTime account?

If you do not have a KanTime account, but you still want to login into KanTime, you can follow these instruction

Step 1: Using one of three types of account below

You can use one of three types of account below to login into KanTime:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Okta

Step 2: Create a new account of one of three types of account below

You can create a new account:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Okta

Then use this new account to login into KanTime by click the logo on your screen

How to recover KanTime password?

If you forgot you KanTime password, you could follow these instructions to recover it.

Step 1: Click the forgot password button

Click the forgot password button on the right side of your screen

Click the forgot password button
Click the forgot password button

Step 2: Add your username, social security number, birthdate

Add your username, social security number, and birthdate before clicking “Next.”

Step 3: Check your email inbox

Check your email inbox; you should have received a link to reset your password there. To move on to the next level, click the link.
A new password request is now displayed to you. Replace your current password with a new one.; you should have received a link to reset your password there. To move on to the next level, click the link.

Step 4: Establish a new password

Establish a new password then, press the “Submit” button.

Now you can recover your KanTime password.

How to make a payment?

In order to provide completely integrated payment processing within KanTime’s management system, KanTime and FrontStream Payments have teamed.

For franchises and software partners like KanTime, FrontStream Payments offers dependable, integrated payment solutions with over ten years of experience in the home health care sector. To make billing for private pay transactions simple for your individual franchises and clients, we offer a complete credit card processing solution.

  • Accept ACH, FSA/HSA cards, and all popular credit and debit cards.
  • KanTime is fully integrated, so no development work is required.
  • Simple reconciliation with automatic system repercussions of payments
  • Process payments from your customers, whether one-time or regular.
  • Pricing that is reasonable and a rapid application and approval process
  • Included is committed customer service.

Customer Services

KanTime's customer services
KanTime’s customer services

Call KanTime

Support Times:

From Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT
8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CT on Saturday

Sunday Support: 855.512.5662 General: 408.615.8880


Support for the KanTime Enterprise Platform: support@kanrad.com
Support for the KanTime Hospice Platform: support@kanrad.com

Contact sales at kanrad.com.

Utilize KanTime

Visit KanTime’s careers page to join our team if you are passionate about promoting high-quality healthcare services and creative enterprise software solutions.

FAQs about KanTime

How do you manage the patients that appear on the KanTime dashboard?

You have a few choices. You have the option to specify a start and end date for the care, as well as the same dates for both.

What if you got a fax for a face-to-face meeting in KanTime?

You will still need to include it in the RCD packet. Therefore, you can download everything you receive in KanTime as a PDF and send it along with your RCD transmission.

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