Giaiphapbank team always tries to update new information for the audience. However, all information provided is for reference only. The main information we will synthesize from reputable sources from banks, organizations and the author’s perspective.

Here are our members

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Avivan Wilson – Leader Team

Avivan Wilson

Since 2009, Avivan has been actively involved in financial research.

She worked as a financial advisor for a decade before transitioning to editorial. She a college degree in finance from the University of the Virginia. In the end of 2022, she becomes the leader content at giaiphapbank.

With a passion for financial research and writing, she dive into sharing her knowledge to everyone.

Inez D. Leiva – Content Advisor

Inez D. Leiva

Inez D. Leiva has worked in the insurance industry for 7 years. She often takes on a consultancy position. As a result, she is well-versed in insurance programs and policies.

In her own time, she enjoys reading books and learning about investment. She often invests in stocks, crypto,… . When it comes to investment, she’s always been a safe haven, therefore her wealth has never been affected by an economic crisis.

At the end of 2022, she accepted to collaborate as an author on pieces about the insurance industry. We hope her perspective provides readers with a wealth of useful information.

Ana M. Macmillan – Contributors

Ana M. Macmillan

Ana M. Macmillan is the mother of three children, Vera, Wally, and Douglas. They live in the suburbs on a farm, where she has raised a successful family.
She is really interested in the children’s learning, thus she is constantly learning and updating the learning programs and resources to support them. She is always aware of how to apply, track the program, and pay tuition online.
She finds this rather tough for women who are less commonly exposed to technology. That is why she joined giaphapbank, so she may discuss and guide her children more about the admission process, as well as use learning software or study resources that she frequently researches.

She hopes that her small contributions will assist parents in assisting their children and accompanying them on their learning path, particularly while they are in elementary or middle school.

She is not only a mother, but also a farm manager. Regular checkups with the vet ensure the pets’ wellbeing. In addition to this, she will discuss the challenges that have been encountered and walk you through the steps required to access the vet pages in order to keep an eye on the pet health program.

Let’s look forward to her posts!

Dale D. Musto – Freelancer

Dale D. Musto

Dale D. Musto is a freelancer. He enjoys his freedom and financial independence. He is always interested in the method of payment. He elected to split his money into personal financial activities rather than splitting it from the start. This means that each card he uses for various professions will be utilized for direct financial activities like consumption, investing, savings, business, and so on. For a more objective assessment, he investigated more than 200 top FDIC-insured commercial banks and visited nearly half of them. He also routinely discusses information on this subject with his collaborators.
He is passionate about finance and spends much of his free time researching and participating in the financial market.
He wishes to broaden his connection and his outlook. That is why he joined giaphapbank in order to conduct more in-depth research on finance and banking through articles that share ideas and suggestions. Hope the people who read his articles will enjoy them.